Digital Disruption: Bogus Propaganda Trailer

Here’s the trailer cut together from the footage we filmed in Workshop 5. At the moment we’re working on a script for our bogus documentary. We’re going to use an urban legend that people freaked out about a few Summers ago to draw our audience in and manipulate them. We’re then going to show them how we did it; educating them about how propaganda works in the process.

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The Day Project: The Day on Issuu

We just uploaded The Day to Issuu. Click here to see it in all its glory!

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Digital Disruption: Workshop 04: Presenting information to our audience

Following up from the third workshop we gave everyone a chance to present the 8 techniques of propaganda in their own words. We thought it would be a good warm up to our films to shoot the guys and cut the footage into a short film…

This is the way the group described the Propaganda Techniques:

01. Presenting the Enemy – Negative people in the media portraying a group or product in a bad way, e.g Hoodies were banned in some shopping centres.

02. Assertion – Advertising something that your product os the best but no proof e.g “Worlds best chicken & chips”

03. Down with the kids – Adjusting with the group or audience to show them their like you e.g Politicians acting cool, Gordon Brown on you tube

04. Bandwagon – Fashion advertises in a way that, you must have that product and follow the crowd e.g “low batty’s”

05. Ommision – Leaving stuff out basically, selling something or telling someone all the good stuff and leaving out the harmful stuff

06. Diversion – telling one of your friends that ” if his your boy then he has to fight with you” the two has nothing to do with each other. what has fighting got to do with being someone’s friend?

07. Lesser of two evils – this technique only allows you to have very few options such as a crisis situation.

08. Transfer – this basically transfers someone ones skills from one area to another e.g David Beckham promoting pens, he doesnt even know how to speak.

It’s not perfect but we’re definitely getting somewhere. Here’s our video:

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Digital Disruption: Workshop 03: Developing some ideas

This workshop was dedicated to developing some ideas for our films -to clearly communicate how the media can influence its audience.

We started by talking about how we like to get our information, which forms influence us and which we think are, frankly, rubbish. It seemed that the group are particularly interested in online conspiracy films, which got us thinking. We also concluded that the best way to teach someone something is by using examples. So we brainstormed ways to exemplify the 8 tricks of propaganda in a way that would grab our audience.

We ended up with the idea of producing a bogus propaganda film that convinces the audience about a certain person, issue or event, calling them to do something irrational in response. At the end of the movie we’d then stop everything and let the audience in on the fact that we’ve been manipulating them -showing how we’ve used each of the 8 propaganda techniques to make our film convincing.

We also had an idea for our second film. We thought we could make a music video that gets young people interested in learning about media influence and propaganda, kind of like a motivator.

In the second half of the workshop we brainstormed ideas for what our bogus propaganda film could be a about and we came up with lots of ideas, from conspiracies to documentaries and news reports. Finally, for fun, we made a record the workshop using a small video camera.

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Digital Disruption: Project Update

We met with Dr. Chris Hewer today to discuss the DD project. Chris is a Theologian and Fellow of Christian-Muslim relations at the St Ethelburga Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in the City of London. As well as suggesting a number of resources and possible contacts for taking the project forward, Chris suggest two possible subjects for our later films, both of which have the potential for developing our audience’s critical thinking -especially in relation to their understanding of Islam. There’s still some work to do, we’ll keep you posted.

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Digital Disruption: Workshop 02: 8 Tricks of Propaganda

We started our second workshop by introducing the young people to the 8 tricks of propaganda discovered in our research.

Together we tried to come up with examples of these tricks in the media in order to get a better understanding.

In the second half of the workshop, the young people brainstormed how this information might be communicated to their friends in an effective way. The general consensus was that, as it stands, the info is dry and lifeless. Initial ideas included:

01. Presenting the information through music and animation.

02. Making a film that demonstrates all the techniques in a clever and humorous way.

03. Keeping it short and presenting a wide range of examples.

04. Should be presented by local young people.

In the next workshop we will develop these ideas into some basic ideas for our films.

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