Forest Flava: Developing the Design

The design of the website is really beginning to take shape, Kweku has been working hard to meet the creative demands of the Forest Flava gang and this week he presented his designs to the group!

We started the session by playing an initial warm up game of Diddly Da! to get everyone energized and in the mood to do some critiquing, then the hard work began!

Kweku ran through the website design and showed the group how he had visualised their concepts and transformed them into a site design. Once he had presented to the group we gave them the opportunity to feedback their thoughts about the design so far.

We set up a wall with print-outs of each page laid out and gave the gang some post-it notes so they could leave comments on each page of the site explaining the parts of the design they felt were working and the parts they wanted to improve on.

We got lots of good feedback that will help Kweku to tweak the design to suit what these guys want for their site.

After this task the gang had a break and stuffed themselves on Subway platters then we got back to work.

Content was the focus of the second part of the session. Last week the guys in the gang worked up various items of content for the new website. So we gave them back their work and asked them to review it and see how they felt about it.

Once they had returned to the articles and videos they produced last week, we offered them our feedback and ideas on the content, suggesting where their might be room for improvement, and praising some great work the talented young press pack had produced!

The session with Forest Flava was really great this week, they are a really bright bunch, and their feedback was all really helpful, giving us a chance to work on the website and ensure it’s really impressive and engaging for the young people of Waltham Forest and beyond!

After all the feedback the gang gave us yesterday, first thing this morning we set to work reviewing the feedback and making some decisions on what to implement and how to take the design forward in response to their comments. Once the review had been done Kweku set straight to work making these changes and its all beginning to look pretty cool!!

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Forest Flava: The Photoshoot!

We were at Forest Flava twice last week, as it was half term! So we have been making a fair bit of progress on the site!

It’s all very well making it look flash but now that the designs are developing, we decided to take some time in the first half of the session this week working on the press pack’s content for the website,

The talented young journalists have written all variety of content, from film reviews to fashion, relationship advice and more!!!

The second part of our session saw the press pack turn their hands to a bit of modelling!!

We had a lot of fun outside striking poses, and it was all for a good cause! The photos are ready for use in the profiles section of the website!

Michael Clement, a professional photographer came down for the session, taking a break from him usual jobs photographing Kate Nash, The Specials etc, and made the young people feel like stars!

Check out his website:

These mugshots are going to be chopped up and put together to make up the face, similar to the one from the mock up design that the gang approved last session!

So you can see it all slowly starting to take shape!! Back next week!!

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Forest Flava: Design and Branding

This week’s workshop was all about the design and branding of the Forest Flava site.

To start, Kweku’s ran a quick-fire drawing exercise. He would say a word and get the guys to draw the first thing that came into their heads. The idea was to get them thinking about associations and imagery, which led nicely onto looking thinking about logo’s.

We spent time drawing and came up with ideas for the logo,

Things we discussed that were important for the Logo to represent were:

  • Balance between council and youth
  • Sense of community and engagement
  • Diversity
  • Representative of young people in the borough
  • Representative of the Press gang and their skills

We went through different inspirational websites that we thought were pretty cool, and got the gang to all vote for them to give us a picture of the things they like, get them to start thinking about design and what looks good, and to make sure we all had the same sort of ideas!

Bold had been busy working up some initial design concepts for the Forest Flava site. We presented the group with three different examples for the potential layout of the site.

They deliberated and criticized and decided this was their favourite!
We can now take this route forwards and work on making it look really wicked!

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Forest Flava: Frame and Structure

We had our third workshop with the Forest Flava Press Gang, and the website is really starting to develop a structure.

We were also joined during the session by some senior council members who came down to see what we had been up to.

This session was focussed around gathering a firm understanding of what James and the Forest Flava team wanted, for which we got the t-shirts out again and had them describe.

We worked out attributes for different parts of the site:



Interaction & Engagment

Connecting People

We spent some time defining the roles and responsibilities of the young people in the press gang, deciding who would manage each section of the website.

We spent some time in the office, as shown in the last blog, working out a wire frame for the structure of the website to help us begin to realise the layout and what content will be needed.

At this session we showed the group the proposed frame, they were generally pleased with the layout, aside from some questions about set up and adding in their own information and design!

Together we are going to work hard to make sure we create a website that displays the Press Gang and their great work!

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