Offscreen Expedition UK: Live from the BBC

Right, first off, I spent all day hunkered in my edit fox hole cutting the previous days filming (check it out at the expedition website) so it’s up to Tony to let you all know how it went at the BBC. This would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that he’s chowing down with the group over lunch whilst I’m sitting in the van outside a Mosque. Oh well, here’s how it went from what I heard from the kids.

First up a visit to Live East Magazine – a great enterprise right here in Whitechappel. By all accounts, a very inspirational morning working with youth journalists and designers.

Then on to the media equivalent of a bright red phone box – the BBC. The team still haven’t stopped raving about it so I’m guessing they enjoyed themselves. They interviewed the editor in charge of middle east content who gave a refreshingly honest account of the way media is portrayed in this country. I think this is what got the guys excited the most – finally someone who was prepared to put his neck on the line and give an honest answer. Good on him.

And to wrap it up on the most British of days – fish and chips! It’s a good job I’ve got a big cycling holiday after this cos I’m coming back a notch or two looser on the old belt…

Right now we’re in Leeds, finally out of London and en-route to the countryside : )


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Offscreen Expedition UK: The most diverse workshop in the world!

Today was a day for Bold to really shine, and boy did they shine bright. The whole team put in a sterling effort and delivered one of the best days so far – the young people from Pakistan loved the workshop (all most as much as Kweku’s outfit!).

Everything ran so smoothly I handed over filming to Sarah from Quatar, now if only we could hand over the editting… : )

Kweku’s workshop from Bold Creative Work-in-Progress on Vimeo.

The young people spent the day out interviewing people all over the east end, challenging them on perceptions of diversity and whether it was a good or bad addition to the UK. Hats off to them, almost everyone they stopped agreed to be interviewed – I think we could all learn a few lessons on successful interview technique!

And then it was the clash of the Titans, as Lindsay (Obi Wan) took on rookie Tony (Anakin) in an epic battle of the edits as they charged their way through two and a half hours madly cutting the films the young people had shot.

The films both looked great and to cap off the day, Tony and I managed to negotiate a shift in schedule – no more all nighters! Wahey : )

BBC tomorrow, then up north, can’t wait


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Offscreen Expedition UK: Political Pakistani Soup

Take 12 young people, one MP, a handful of fresh thinking, a touch of nuclear seasoned opinion, add a dash of oil, mix in a Westminster blender, add some heat and voila – one perfectly cooked debate!
Politics today, and it was Noor and Ali’s turn for the Bold treatment as we followed them on their masterclass of governance UK style. From the velvet lined corridors of power in Westminster, to a fine desert served at Tower Hamlets Town Hall as Assan and Nurull hosted the perfect complimentary conversation between our Offscreeen guests and the boys from Mile End Community college.
It’s great seeing these guys and girls challenge each other’s opinions, and refreshing to see how similar they actually are.
Check out the website for the latest blog posts from the whole team. Looking forward to the session with Bold tomorrow – I know the Pakistan team are itching to make some films so fire up those energisers Kweku, we’re on our way!
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Offscreen Expedition UK: Curry and maps

The first full expedition day, and what a day it’s been. Our heads barely touched the pillow after an epic edit session, and we’re up again following our expedition students as they marvel at the wonders of the London transport system on the way to the Royal Geographic Society.

We were privileged to be shown some of their rare collections before tearing some not so rare maps apart as part of an art workshop.

It was a great afternoon, the guys from Mile End Community project came down to help out and the young people ended up making some powerful artwork that reflected their identity and attitudes towards Britain and each other.

The hectic day was fittingly completed in Brick Lane with a mixed reaction to the authenticity of the chicken tika masala.

Epic seems to be the only way to describe the edit sessions, but Tony pulled another one out of the bag to put together the first full film – What does Britain mean to me?

Off to the Houses of Parliament tomorrow…


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Forest Flava: ‘Moving on Up’

This week’s workshop saw an excited and energetic Press gang, after having just finished exams, so enthusiasm was high and everyone was keen to produce some content for the website.

With the website currently being built, it was key that we developed some content to  upload on to the site. Some of the gang who didn’t have their profile pictures taken took this as an opportunity to pull some great poses.

After some rather glamorous shots in some great settings, the gang proceeded to record some videos for their profile pages. When not recording, they were busy writing up some more content and articles, and brainstorming some key topics that they would like to cover once the website goes live. All in all, it was a very productive workshop.

Stay tuned, more to come very soon!

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Offscreen Expedition UK: Touch down, Mile End

And they’re here! Months of planning, thousands of applications and the Offscreen Expedition UK team have arrived. They even brought some Middle East sunshine with them.

We’re all staying in Queen Margarets University in Mile End for the London leg of the trip. Even with a heavy dose of jetlag the team were fired up and ready to go. This is the first trip to the UK for most of the young people and they seem confident and thirsty for a taste of London.

They shared their thoughts as the sun dipped over the canal, and Tony fired up the edit suite cutting like crazy to produce a fine intro film to kick off the expedition website.

Tomorrow it’s on to the Royal Geographic Society to explore perceptions of Britishness. Can’t wait, but right now it really is time to hit the sack.

GV : )

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Bold Adventure: Guilt free bottled water

Save the planet and your wallet by swapping your bottled water for a Bobble

Price: £10 (coming soon)

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Bold Adventure: Peace, canoes and campfires

Nestled in the heart of Canada’s Algonquin Park is a truly unique company. Northern Edge is a retreat centre with a difference.

“Guests at the Edge, our Algonquin Park solar-powered nature retreat learn from inspiring canoe trip adventure guides, wilderness arts teachers, yoga and retreat facilitators. Nourish yourself, dining on organic & locally raised food and be inspired by handcrafted surroundings designed in harmony with our forest home at Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada.”

They run a fantastic week long survival course that places as much emphasis on sustainability and connecting with the natural environment, as to how to survive should you ever find yourself the only survivor in a plane crash over the jungle.

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Offscreen Expedition UK: 2 days to go…

Bold Adventure: Tiffin Tins

Lunch boxes, Indian style

Price: £25 (Coming soon)

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