Egypt, the Internet and the washing machine…

Social Media for your Grandma

Hands down to the designers at Moma Propaganda for these wicked vintage ‘future ad’ designs. They feature as part of a collection called “Everything Ages Fast” for Seminars hosted by communications agency Maximidia.


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“We have to go back to the child…”

“All children should enjoy the right to survival, to liberty and the right to education”, says writer Michael Morpurgo in this impassioned speech. But how can we achieve this in the age of the Big Society…?


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Maybe they’re born with it…

Creativity in the crib: Babies learn languages faster and use them more creatively than adults, but where does this ability come from…?

Psychologists used to believe that humans were ’empty shells’, born without any innate creativity. But new research suggests that babies have surprising abilities to learn languages. Better than adults, in fact…


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To clear your arrears of £600…press 2

By the time you finish reading this blog, someone will be declared bankrupt.

No, you haven’t misread that. Every four minutes one person in the UK will be declared insolvent or bankrupt. And if the predictions of interest rate rises are correct, things could get a lot worse. (This won’t necessarily happen: economists often can’t predict things better than anyone else).


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I pay my taxes…what do I get, exactly?

Information is the currency of the age, but are you getting your money’s worth…?


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Big society…or big dream?

Image from Jan Gavin’s post, ‘Support for the coalition crumbling’

David Cameron’s speech has left a lot of listeners starving for substance. Reiterating his pledge to this “different way of governing”, the Prime Minister gave a confident speech, calling the coalition’s much-hyped Big Society slogan his “absolute passion”.

However, the web was ablaze with listeners who had little reverence for the Prime Minister’s big idea. One Tweeter commented: “Tories stress that bigsociety and cuts are separate issues. Yes, but refusing to acknowledge that latter undermines former is just stupid”, whilst another pointed out the uncomfortable fact that “20 out of 43 libraries in David Cameron’s own county face axe”. Tweeter Barc_alpha summed up the dissatisfaction across the web, saying: “The problem with the BigSociety is the belief that communities can be created – they already exist but need enabling with support, not cuts”. The most popular response has been the circulation of Guardian political cartoonist Steve Bell’s comic take on the Big Society Bank.


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What happens when creativity becomes commonplace?

“Everyone thinks they have a novel in them, everyone thinks they can make a movie and everyone thinks they can write a song” – Exciting isn’t it? Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo make it so easy for people to share their own work, with social media sites making it even easier to promote it!

The documentary PressPausePlay due for release next month, aims to explore the impact of digital developments on the creative world and the opportunities it has brought to people. If the trailer is anything to go by this is going to be one slick piece of film making.

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I’ll be down in a minute mum, I’m just saving the world…

Bold, ambitious, innovative, a few ways of describing the guys that have commissioned these digital projects. It’s not such a great leap from a static or web based campaign to something that you sit down and interact with for a few hours. It’s all about reaching out and engaging young people in your issues on their level in their language – it doesn’t matter that you’ll never play it.

And if it’s being downloaded over 4 million times who can argue with that? Nice one Food Force


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Multicultralism has failed? So what’s the solution David?

“Multicultralism has failed” says David Cameron at the Munich Security Conference. It means people now lead very separate lives resulting in segregation between communities both culturally and socially. Mr Cameron makes the statement that this segregation can lead to radicalisation and even extremism as people are left needing something to believe in.

The speech has been topic of much controversial debate this week. One of the key questions has been “Is multiculturalism responsible for radicalisation?” There are points of view like those of journalist Mehdi Hasan who claims that Mr Cameron “is singing from a tired and discredited hymn sheet” by making such generalised claims. In contrast, there is also support of his speech like that of Maajid Nawaz who states that even though Mr Cameron doesn’t quite hit all the right notes he’s started a really important discussion for big society.

Multiculturalism is when “several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country.” Are people of different culture, ethnicity, religion currently coexisting peacefully in Britain? When you look at groups like the English Defence League – intentions towards your neighbour can seem far from peaceful.

When Bold Worked with the Coexistence trust in Autumn 2010 we found that an uprising in radicalisation manifests in a distinct lack of understanding for other groups of people. When a person doesn’t understand the other, they get fearful and even panic about the threat to their own way of life.

The Coexistence trust work to ensure people from Jewish & Islamic communities coexist without conflict. The Trust has a collective of Youth ambassadors, many of whom are academics and critical thinkers. They tour round Jewsish and Islamic schools in England to spread the values that the Trust holds. More specifically, they explore what these different communities have in common in order to prevent prejudice and discrimination.

For the Campus project FaithHub, Bold created a series of Viral videos for the Youth Ambassadors to be used on tours around different university campuses. They can be used in seminars by the ambassadors with the intention that they will ignite new discussion about difference, diversity & identity.

You can view all videos on the FaithHub website

This project has become very relevant to current affairs this week due to 1) It’s attempt to improve the ability to understand others  as a basis to effective multiculturalism and 2) Suspicion surrounding growth in radical students leaving universities.


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A mind once stretched by a new

idea never regains its original



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