Can a blind man take a good photo?

According to Artists Wanted, Pete Eckert certainly can, awarding him with their Grand Prize in 2008. A challenging portrait of disability that has particular currency in light of the reports this week that frontline support services are being cut in the UK.

I wonder how much Pete would be affected if he were living in the UK? I’d like to see the film take a slightly wider view and include his network. He obviously makes great work, however if he can’t see his own images, who gives him feedback? Blindness doesn’t make you imune to professional constructive criticism – and of course we all know this is the only way we improve.

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I could never end up living on the streets… could I?

“Children with no parents. Combat war veterans still suffering from the effects of war. Elderly people who have lost insurance or have medical bills that are too high. Families who live out of a van. Women fleeing from abusive relationships.”

I dig the angle this project takes on homelessness – it’s not about someone being a bum, it’s about what life throws at us and how we react, and potentially how close we all are to finding ourselves on the other side of the pavement. The Invisible Class has big ambitions.

Also remind me of a similar animated project we did a few years back.

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Buy a girl her life back

Danny Boyle put on the agenda in Slumdog, The Girl Store makes it possible to do something about it. I dig the connection between tech and real impact on the ground.


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Don’t talk to me I’m on Facebook…

Whether you unwind by tagging your mates in photos from your last night on the tiles, going on an e-spree for a whole new image or blogging about your obsession with Justin Bieber…  the internet presents a pretty safe addiction right?

Or does it? What are we all learning about social dynamics when we are maintaining relationships through a keyboard? Are we hiding from things socially that we don’t want to confront in the real world?

The guys from kaleidoscope have captured a variety of people’s experiences who use the web today. As we see people sharing both their needs & their vices regarding the web we start to question the phenomenon we have come to take for granted.


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When I was your age I was aiming my Tank at Nazis

Guns and young people, South London. Not normally a great combination unless you enjoy SO19 breaking down your front door. But wait – what if that gun was decommissioned and had not been fired since the second world war? And what if it belonged to Alan Tizzard, former tank comander and chair of the National Service Veterans Alliance? And what if those young people were taking part in a ground breaking inter-generational, anti-conflict project led by Bold? Sounds interesting doesn’t it…


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A mind once stretched by a new

idea never regains its original



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