Where will you go to be inspired?

Alex Saberi wildlife richmond park

Whether you are a budding photographer or an aspired film maker it’s often difficult to decide where to look for your next subject. The areas we frequent on a day to day basis – the route to work or the walk to the shops, tend to be the least inspiring as we pace forward to our destination with a degree of tunnel vision.

Alex Saberi wildlife richmond park

If you’re anything like me you try and get as far away from normality to be inspired. But as photographer Alex Saberi reminds us, you don’t have to travel to the Scottish highlands to find beauty & inspiration, it can sometimes be right around the corner. You may or not be surprised to know that these wildlife photos above were taken in Richmond Park in South London. Saberi took these shots by visiting the park every day at dawn, gracefully showing that it is possible to find tranquillity during London rush hour!

Furthermore what if inspiration is not just around the corner, but in fact right in front of us, you might even be holding it right now…

Micro-sculptor Dalton Ghetti

Micro-sculptor Dalton Ghetti has the ability to look at a pencil and see a screw, a hammer, a key. Unique pieces of art that have been widely discussed and originated from subjects right in front of him.

Maybe some people naturally have this creative intuition, but sometimes it’s not that simple. I think this is a lot about growing older and becoming desensitised to the things around you. Wouldn’t it be great to look at the world around you as if you were seeing it for the very first time?

Teacher & writer Keith Johnstone has certain methods of re-familiarising yourself with the space around you in his book impro. These methods are great for unlocking the imagination when making a piece of theatre. I’d like to know what methods people use for photography and film making? You might say it’s just the difference of being good at your job or not, but I think the links between imagination and creative capacity are worth us thinking about more often. 🙂

A mind once stretched by a new

idea never regains its original



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