Uzair Choughtai on: Is Facebook losing its ‘friends’?

The Facebook population

As much as I probably hate to admit it, I check my Facebook every day. Partly out of habit, partly because I have this odd feeling that if I don’t, then I’ll be missing out on something special. One of my friends might say something hilarious. Someone might post a cool video. Or, ALERT THE PRESS, someone might change their relationship status!

Most of my friends have a Facebook page. Some of my relatives in their 40s and 50s have a Facebook page and some of my friends grandparents have even joined! If the generational usage is increasing, how is Facebook losing its followers? (more…)

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Social Media Futures: The Virtual you

Snapshot from Museum of Me Online Exhibition

The uncertainty surrounding the safety of our personal data on-line is often focus of much debate… how is our data being used? Who has access to it? Who owns it? Data usage is a topic that can cause anguish for social media users, as well as confusion. Particularly when the big players such as Facebook discretely pilot new services, such as the facial recognition software, without telling their users about changes to data usage first.

Social Media users have the right to be concerned about their data, but should this stop us from using networks like Facebook? Absolutely not…


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Library S.O.S

It’s a public space where you can access information, study or simply just reflect on the weekly activities. Can you imagine your local town without one? Where else can parents take their children to get 10 books every week… for free? Where else can students revise all day in a safe environment with their peers? What about that elderly man from down the road who goes to the library, just to be with other people?


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Jasen Booton on: Sustainability – Social Enterprise – So What?

This exclusive blog post has been written by a guest blogger, Jasen Booton. We encourage contributions from outside of the Bold team to inspire and share unique stories. If you would like more information about the article, feel free to contact us.

If we’re not careful we can start to use words in education that have no real meaning for children. They can become technical and bland, distant to our everyday lives – hollow and empty.

For the Y7 pupils at Witton and Westacre Middle Schools in Worcestershire, the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘social enterprise’ are not used as shallow jargon. These words evoke passionate feelings of injustice, fear, but also hope… (more…)

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Do you ‘fake it’?

The Evening Standard’s campaign on literacy states “One in four children leaves the capital’s state primaries unable to read properly. Why are they unable to read? Who is to blame? Teachers? Parents? Social demographics? What if a high percent of those who can’t read… just don’t know how? (more…)


Oli Lowrie on: Demolition Shoreditch.

Walking through London is like walking through a canyon of sedimentary rock; you can see the different layers of cultural strata laid down over time. East London in particular, is a place flowing with culture. The beauty of Hackney is that these layers are from all over the world. Turkish, British, Jewish, Asian, Chinese, Industrial, Hippy, Rich, Poor, Grand and Scruffy all have their monuments on the pavements of the East End.

The anthropologist Marcel Mauss defined place as a “culture fossilized in time and space”. Hackney is a wonderful fossil to analyze. (more…)

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Think you know Peckham? Think again…

Peckham, London is probably not the first place you think of when you hear BMX riders. Peckham is one of the poorest areas in Britain and is known for its high crime rate. However, it is home to a squad of some of the most exceptional BMX riders in Britain.  The squad consists of British and national champions and have two riders currently training for Olympics 2012.


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Beware of Phisher Hackers which can steal the body’s concern and Robux

Roblox, seeing that every gamer is aware of, isn’t a fast game only to climbing yet the ladder of achievement up isn’t flat. Owing to try and the issue amount of yet the game, large numbers of players are easily taken stuck involved in an quantity, even though the game absolutely certain will bring gained tens of thousands of players extracted from about the planet. Regrettably, there exists of course a built-in method to every bother as well as the alternative to seek roblox will become generator. There’s not an denying yet the fact that all the general public adores being broad comes back yet the ensures that is simple only to short. Roblux supplies are currently the technique that has been short only to flat upon roblox to this operations of achievement. These supplies have grown to be yet the savior of tens of thousands of players as well as for hundreds more to try and come. Large numbers of gamers, of that time period perform not need to try and squander buck that has been accurate upon games. But then during the game, being in-game currency consists of broad strategy only to stamina, abilities upon precisely the same second. The particular as a rule usually means frustration only to outbursts amongst players. With out in-game buck, players are easily taken placed into that an quantity that was specific. Upon buy to greatly help players attract roblux if i, large numbers of web sites on the net h seeing that began that offer free Robux Generator operations. Therefore, it is important a built-in web internet site which may be respected is found as of gamers. A wide array of gamers have dropped sufferer to try and scams only to secrets as of large numbers of phony web sites and at bogus promises. Respected sites exist as of laying down technology upon the world wide web only to as of studying remarks only to discussion boards. That all probably will be plenty of to present the fundamental guide they should players. An informed stage about roblux making up web sites will become that all they offer services which are free. That’s why, and at generators, gamers no longer have to pay robux hack out their buck that has been accurate which is called in-game investments thanks to insufficient in-game currency. They are able to just now help make unlimited numbers of roblox in- possessions only to help make as many in investments seeing that they want.

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