Library S.O.S

It’s a public space where you can access information, study or simply just reflect on the weekly activities. Can you imagine your local town without one? Where else can parents take their children to get 10 books every week… for free? Where else can students revise all day in a safe environment with their peers? What about that elderly man from down the road who goes to the library, just to be with other people?

Martin at The Childhood Museum

So why are 400 libraries about to close? There has been a lot of debate surrounding this issue. With the invention of digital books such as Kindle, books are becoming a lot more unattractive. The Kindle can hold thousands of ‘books’ and you can access all of them with a simple click. However, who is actually purchasing the Kindle? Do Kindle readers believe that Kindles should be the alternative to paper back books?

Visual Library project


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A mind once stretched by a new

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