Oli Lowrie on: Demolition Shoreditch.

Walking through London is like walking through a canyon of sedimentary rock; you can see the different layers of cultural strata laid down over time. East London in particular, is a place flowing with culture. The beauty of Hackney is that these layers are from all over the world. Turkish, British, Jewish, Asian, Chinese, Industrial, Hippy, Rich, Poor, Grand and Scruffy all have their monuments on the pavements of the East End.

The anthropologist Marcel Mauss defined place as a “culture fossilized in time and space”. Hackney is a wonderful fossil to analyze. (more…)

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Don’t believe the hype…

It’s hard not to like Jocelyn Bell Burnell. In fact, it’s hard not to love her. A devout Quaker devoted to social and spiritual issues as well as being bone fide genius, Bell Burnell missed out on winning a physics Nobel Prize for her discovery of pulsars (the Prize instead going to her supervisor), to which her response was: “I am not myself upset about it — after all, I am in good company, am I not!”



“We have to go back to the child…”

“All children should enjoy the right to survival, to liberty and the right to education”, says writer Michael Morpurgo in this impassioned speech. But how can we achieve this in the age of the Big Society…?


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When I was your age I was aiming my Tank at Nazis

Guns and young people, South London. Not normally a great combination unless you enjoy SO19 breaking down your front door. But wait – what if that gun was decommissioned and had not been fired since the second world war? And what if it belonged to Alan Tizzard, former tank comander and chair of the National Service Veterans Alliance? And what if those young people were taking part in a ground breaking inter-generational, anti-conflict project led by Bold? Sounds interesting doesn’t it…


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Hoodforts: The neighbourhood just got bigger!

Just when we thought they couldn’t look any better – they prove us wrong. The Hoodforts gang now look as good on the web as they do in the flesh. www.hoodforts.com has started turning a few GoogleBot heads as the guys begin to showcase their work and achievements on-line.

The site features design galleries, videos and events which makes this site a great place to find what’s happening in the Hoodforts brand and to see what’s in the pipeline. The best part is that all the content and the media is written and selected by these guys themselves.

The website was recently redesigned by Bold and we hope it will do justice to the fantastic work that is being produced. Have a look for yourself @ http://www.hoodforts.com

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Digital Disruption: Workshop 05: Introduction to Production

This workshop involved getting our hands dirty with some production work. Yunus had worked up some draft lyrics for our music video about media influence so we recorded him practicing. These lyrics will be developed further to suit the messages we want to convey. It will primarily be a motivational piece; introducing young people to the concept of propaganda, discussing its dangers and calling them to get educated. The short clip we recorded today is posted here:

Digital Disruption; Workshop 05 from Bold Creative Work-in-Progress on Vimeo.

The rest of the group did some on-the-street interviews with friends + local residents and thought we’d ask them about the urban legend on which we’re looking to base our bogus propaganda. Tony cut the resulting footage into a kind of teaser trailer for our bogus propaganda film. We’ll upload that trailer soon.

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The Day Project: Fresh off the press

Following on from the success of our first graphic novel ‘The Day’, three more books have just landed on our desks. The novels have been written following another series of workshops with people impacted by HIV and AIDS. Based on real-life personal accounts, these stories will be a valuable read for challenging any misperceptions in surrounding HIV.

The Jacket Life Unzipped

Chris’ world felt like it was falling apart, he felt alone and misunderstood. His only protection was his trusty parka, in it he could hide from the world, his friends and himself

Montse’s Diary

Montse’s diary takes us through her emotional journey, through her heartache and pain. But most of all it is a love story, where determination, trust and hope triumph.

This is How We Do It

10 young people share their different thoughts on managing life with medication.

Accessible, insightful and educational, these books tackle many issues relating to young people to today, and this is just the start! We have two more novels in the pipeline, so watch this space for more news. Enjoy.

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The Day Project: Fact or Fiction?

As our award winning online education project ‘Digital Disruption’ moves into the distribution phase, we’ve been testing an early version of our Bogus Conspiracy film: The Vampire Conspiracy to see how audiences react to it. The result has totally exceeded our expectations with the film capturing the imagination of a number of online Bloggers who have embedded it into conspiracy sites and forums throughout the internet. See, for example, the post and discussion about the film here: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread598776/pg1.

It seems that Bloggers have embellished their own theories, curiosity and fear without really checking the film’s credibility at all: reminding us how easy it can be to manipulate people’s perceptions through the media, and how easily misinformation and propaganda can spread and mutate. You can find out more about the project here http://www.digidisruption.co.uk

Read more about Digital Disruption

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Forest Flava: The Hard Work Pays Off!

After a great deal of hard work from everyone involved, the Forest Flava website is now live for the world to see! Check it out at http://www.forestflava.org.uk

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Forest Flava: ‘Moving on Up’

This week’s workshop saw an excited and energetic Press gang, after having just finished exams, so enthusiasm was high and everyone was keen to produce some content for the website.

With the website currently being built, it was key that we developed some content to  upload on to the site. Some of the gang who didn’t have their profile pictures taken took this as an opportunity to pull some great poses.

After some rather glamorous shots in some great settings, the gang proceeded to record some videos for their profile pages. When not recording, they were busy writing up some more content and articles, and brainstorming some key topics that they would like to cover once the website goes live. All in all, it was a very productive workshop.

Stay tuned, more to come very soon!

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A mind once stretched by a new

idea never regains its original



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