Student Struggles

Students at Barking and Daggeham College took part in a 2 hour film challenge as part of Inspiration 2015. This film was one of four films produced on the day and we can now say that this film “Student Struggles” has been judged as ‘Best Film’ at the Bold studio. All groups worked incredibly hard on the challenge, but this group nabbed the crown due to their thorough planning, some impressive shot choices and a narrative that is simple and clear enough to to be understood by an audience as a standalone 2 minute film – good work guys!

Many thanks to Ellen Kerr and Bob Noseda for having us down for this great event.

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Social Media Futures: The Virtual you

Snapshot from Museum of Me Online Exhibition

The uncertainty surrounding the safety of our personal data on-line is often focus of much debate… how is our data being used? Who has access to it? Who owns it? Data usage is a topic that can cause anguish for social media users, as well as confusion. Particularly when the big players such as Facebook discretely pilot new services, such as the facial recognition software, without telling their users about changes to data usage first.

Social Media users have the right to be concerned about their data, but should this stop us from using networks like Facebook? Absolutely not…


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Where will you go to be inspired?

Alex Saberi wildlife richmond park

Whether you are a budding photographer or an aspired film maker it’s often difficult to decide where to look for your next subject. The areas we frequent on a day to day basis – the route to work or the walk to the shops, tend to be the least inspiring as we pace forward to our destination with a degree of tunnel vision.


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Social Media for your Grandma

Hands down to the designers at Moma Propaganda for these wicked vintage ‘future ad’ designs. They feature as part of a collection called “Everything Ages Fast” for Seminars hosted by communications agency Maximidia.


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What happens when creativity becomes commonplace?

“Everyone thinks they have a novel in them, everyone thinks they can make a movie and everyone thinks they can write a song” – Exciting isn’t it? Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo make it so easy for people to share their own work, with social media sites making it even easier to promote it!

The documentary PressPausePlay due for release next month, aims to explore the impact of digital developments on the creative world and the opportunities it has brought to people. If the trailer is anything to go by this is going to be one slick piece of film making.

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Don’t talk to me I’m on Facebook…

Whether you unwind by tagging your mates in photos from your last night on the tiles, going on an e-spree for a whole new image or blogging about your obsession with Justin Bieber…  the internet presents a pretty safe addiction right?

Or does it? What are we all learning about social dynamics when we are maintaining relationships through a keyboard? Are we hiding from things socially that we don’t want to confront in the real world?

The guys from kaleidoscope have captured a variety of people’s experiences who use the web today. As we see people sharing both their needs & their vices regarding the web we start to question the phenomenon we have come to take for granted.


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A mind once stretched by a new

idea never regains its original



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