Jameel Jamal: Facebook.sch.uk – fantastic or flawed?


Illustration by Jameel Jamal

There simply aren’t enough non-conformist, strong minded people in today’s society who could deny or tear down the growing might of Facebook. Not long ago, emails and letters were the most common form of communication and now it’s questionably developed into inboxing and posting on people’s walls, something we seem to have found more favourable. So why is it that when most school teachers are part of the Facebook hype, this social network is banned for use in schools, leading to frustrated students all over the country? Ever since this topic arose, scores of head teachers have hidden behind the bush of “it will distract the students and provoke cyber bullying”. Debatable.


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Noureen Lakhani: Is a typical film set all that typical?

Illustration by Noureen Lakhani

Ever had the dream to be a film star, walk the red carpet and sign autographs? Well, that package comes with the other side that isn’t seen to the public; the side full of learning lines, hard work and commitment, which I experienced recently.

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Aly Dewji on: Matchpoint

I looked my opponent in the eye as the sunlight glistened on the service line. I knew he was ranked top 20 in the country, but I also knew that I was going to beat him. A slice-serve out wide, and I charged in for the volley, a quick touch and it rolled over the net. He lobbed the shot and it soared high above my head. I ran back, keeping my eye on the ball. I was not going to miss. A flat forehand zoomed down the line – and chalk flew into the air. It was over.


Jameel Jamal on: Split Family, Split Emotions.

Image: www.sugarfreetalk.com

Many of us endure hardship for two simple reasons: either we gain something at the end or it is merely more convenient to pretend everything is fine.

    In September 2010, I started the month with very little cash, a pile of incomplete work and a phone bill that would make my mum fume. Yet, still I was smiling. After several months, a letter slipped effortlessly through the door stating that my parents were no longer legally married. At first, it was a day of relief that we no longer had to stay a ‘complete’ family out of fear of how others would see us if we had come from a ‘broken’ home, having lived apart for quite a few months, this day was inevitable.


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