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Following up from the third workshop we gave everyone a chance to present the 8 techniques of propaganda in their own words. We thought it would be a good warm up to our films to shoot the guys and cut the footage into a short film…

This is the way the group described the Propaganda Techniques:

01. Presenting the Enemy – Negative people in the media portraying a group or product in a bad way, e.g Hoodies were banned in some shopping centres.

02. Assertion – Advertising something that your product os the best but no proof e.g “Worlds best chicken & chips”

03. Down with the kids – Adjusting with the group or audience to show them their like you e.g Politicians acting cool, Gordon Brown on you tube

04. Bandwagon – Fashion advertises in a way that, you must have that product and follow the crowd e.g “low batty’s”

05. Ommision – Leaving stuff out basically, selling something or telling someone all the good stuff and leaving out the harmful stuff

06. Diversion – telling one of your friends that ” if his your boy then he has to fight with you” the two has nothing to do with each other. what has fighting got to do with being someone’s friend?

07. Lesser of two evils – this technique only allows you to have very few options such as a crisis situation.

08. Transfer – this basically transfers someone ones skills from one area to another e.g David Beckham promoting pens, he doesnt even know how to speak.

It’s not perfect but we’re definitely getting somewhere. Here’s our video:

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