The Digital Disruption Leader’s Pack is a resource we created with young people in Mile End to support the work of educators & youth workers who have identified how important it is to be aware of online propaganda and want to get involved. The four videos that feature on the DVD can be used as workshop aids to ignite the discussion about what is a credible source of information on the internet.

Want to be a digital disrupter? If you would like to run a session using the videos below, you can embed them into your own website or play them off our Youtube Channel

This is Propaganda

About This video:

On its most basic level This Is Propaganda is a project trailer that gets young people interested in Digital Disruption and sets them thinking about concepts like propaganda and media influence. It has been very carefully crafted and weaves together a series of metaphors and visual clues that can be explored/deconstructed by young people on a number of levels. On the surface, however, the film carries the core message that:

  1. You are being influenced online
  2. Knowledge is the key to protecting yourself
  3. You need to ask questions

How it can be used:

As part of a DVD based workshop This Is Propaganda can be used in a number of ways. Thefilm might be shown, for example, when young people are coming into the workshop, inorder to capture their attention, get them interested/intrigued, and generally set the scenefor the session. Alternatively the film could, in it’s own right, form the basis of a wholeworkshop around deconstructing media. Young people could be encouraged to watch thefilm repeatedly and progressively deconstruct its various layers of meaning, learning how todevelop an understanding of the various ways in which film ‘makes meaning’ itself. A coreskill if you want to become really media savvy.

The Vampire Conspiracy

About This video:

The Vampire Conspiracy is a bogus ‘conspiracy film’ co-developed with young people from our working group in Tower Hamlets. The documentary links a local urban legend about urban vampires with a recent spate of fox attacks and the emergence of a new form of (super) Rabies in the US. The result is a film that uses every trick in the book to try to convince the audience of something that is, well, completely false. The key thing to remember when watching The Vampire Conspiracy is that, technically, it is rarely ‘lying’ to you. Instead the film generally misleads the audience using techniques like omitting information, transferring credibility or using other subtle psychological tricks.

How it can be used:

Essentially, the audience should be exposed to The Vampire Conspiracy without any background information or any suggestion that it might be fake. The idea is for them to watch it as if they had just come across it without any background information or context. After the film has finished a discussion can then be facilitated about what the group think about the issues in the film and what they think should be done about them. The important thing is that young people to personally experience being influenced using the films propaganda techniques and to see how that influence can influence their opinions and actions.

What you need to know

About This video:

What you need to know is a deconstruction of the The Vampire Conspiracy presented by the project’s Lead Lindsay Knight. After revealing that the film is, in fact, false, Lindsay outlines some of the key techniques used in The Vampire Conspiracy to mislead the audience and provides some key tips for protecting yourself from being negatively influenced by what you see. Generally the film seeks to provide young people with an experience and awareness of how easy it is for them to be influenced by what they watch and to get them thinking about how they can protect themselves Online.

How it can be used:

What you need to know is designed to introduce young people to the various ways that media can be used to influence them. After the film has been watched, it can be used as the basis for a discussion about what the group has learned in order to review the information and consolidate understanding. For example, the group could respond to the film by drawing up a list of questions they should be asking when watching clips online. It’s also an opportunity to start a conversation about the types of films that members of the group have been viewing and to start them thinking about how these have influenced their perceptions and ideas. Overall this film should inspire young people to start asking the right questions when watching clips on the Internet.

Propaganda Techniques

About This video:

The last film Propaganda Techniques is an invitation for viewers to consolidate their learning further and get involved in the Digital Disruption project themselves. This film was produced by our first project group and features young people presenting a selection of seven key propaganda techniques in their own words. Each technique is also illustrated with an example from the person’s own knowledge and experience. In short, the film aims to make the dry academic concepts of media influence techniques accessible to young people and connect them with real world examples.

How it can be used:

This film can be used in two ways:

  1. To take the concepts discussed so far and connect them with real life situations, illustrating to the audience how the ideas they’ve been introduced to can be applied more widely
  2. To invite the group to get involved with Digital Disruption by introducing the various techniques of propaganda to their friends and illustrating how these techniques are used with their own examples

The group could respond to this film by planning and executing their own film, or they could simply take a technique each, find a clip online that uses that technique and present back to the rest of the group. The key is to get young people teaching each other in which ever way is most appropriate and effective to them.

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