First Session!

We ran our first session with the young people at Waltham Forest on Thursday.

Bold Creative are working with the Forest Flava youth group at Waltham Forest! Through a series of workshops we are going to Re-design the Forest Flava website along with The Press Gang!

We all met up on Thursday to figure out how to do this and what we wanted to achieve from the project.

Ben introduced Bold and what we are about and introduced the project to the group. He explained how the project would, as well as producing a website for the gang, instil these young people with further technical skills, and understanding, alongside building their relationship as a team/gang!

Then the Press Gang explained to us what they were all about!

After some vital energizers to get us all pumped up and excited we got on with talking all about the project,

We reviewed the aims and what we wanted to achieve through the website!

Amongst other things, Bold promised to give:

  • Creative Ideas
  • Time and Commitment
  • Fun
  • Training
  • Amazing Website
  • Nice Dinner

The Forest Flava Gang promised:

  • Commitment
  • Energy + enthusiasm
  • Inspiration + creativity
  • Dedication
  • Friendship
  • Team work

We then discussed what we wished for the website to achieve:

Bold established that some things they wanted were:

  • Publicity/Lots of people like the website
  • Impact on Community
  • Website – everybody likes
  • Award winning website – BAFTA
  • 1 million hits on the website

Forest Flava wanted:

  • Learn about design processes + computer software e.g. Photoshop
  • To be motivated
  • Learn about website design and programming
  • Improve sense of team
  • To send a message out to other young people
  • To be proud to be part of something that benefits the community

After we had all made sure we were on the same level, we knew what we all wanted from the website and what we all were going to put in to help us achieve this.

Later, the group then all took some I-flips and split off to do some filming, chatting about what websites they liked, and also their own goals.

They filmed what they were hoping to contribute and gain, from the project, both individually and as a team.

Here one of the young people explains what the Forest Flava project will help her, and the team, achieve.

The whole meeting went really well and we are all really looking forward to working together to get this project off the ground!!

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