Audience and Attributes

We returned to Waltham Forest for our second workshop with the Forest Flava gang!

After a recap of last week, where we had introduced ourselves and gained a general understanding of what it was the Forest Flava guys wanted from their website, we spent this session working hard together to develop particular details about the website, a crucial part of the development process!

The first part of the session we spent establishing who the target audience would be for the site.

To make this interesting, we wore blank t-shirts, to represent the young people and got the group to write on them characteristics of their target audience.

Listing things such as age, hobbies, interest, lifestyle, location etc.

This helps us all to understand who the website is for, and how we make it appeal to them!

Next we got the Post-its out and started to figure out what themes or topics the Forest Flava wanted on the website.

Once we had written down aspects like advice, and profile page, we stuck each Post-it on a flip chart and split off into pairs to brainstorm each theme, adding more detail, like the way the pages should look and the details of what they could contain.

We finished up the session by mapping out the user journey!

After using up a few more post-its to figure out the way we would take the information and create a user journey we got each pair to explain one journey on the i-flip video cameras.

After all that hard work, and a bit of dinner we wrapped up the session, feeling like we had made more important steps in the process of developing a website!!

Back again on Thursday!!

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