Design and Branding

This week’s workshop was all about the design and branding of the Forest Flava site.

To start, Kweku’s ran a quick-fire drawing exercise. He would say a word and get the guys to draw the first thing that came into their heads. The idea was to get them thinking about associations and imagery, which led nicely onto looking thinking about logo’s.

We spent time drawing and came up with ideas for the logo,

Things we discussed that were important for the Logo to represent were:

  • Balance between council and youth
  • Sense of community and engagement
  • Diversity
  • Representative of young people in the borough
  • Representative of the Press gang and their skills

We went through different inspirational websites that we thought were pretty cool, and got the gang to all vote for them to give us a picture of the things they like, get them to start thinking about design and what looks good, and to make sure we all had the same sort of ideas!

Bold had been busy working up some initial design concepts for the Forest Flava site. We presented the group with three different examples for the potential layout of the site.

They deliberated and criticized and decided this was their favourite!
We can now take this route forwards and work on making it look really wicked!

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A youth empowering local authority

website co-designed with young

people from Waltham Forest.


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