The neighbourhood just got bigger!

Just when we thought they couldn’t look any better – they prove us wrong. The Hoodforts gang now look as good on the web as they do in the flesh. has started turning a few GoogleBot heads as the guys begin to showcase their work and achievements on-line.

The site features design galleries, videos and events which makes this site a great place to find what’s happening in the Hoodforts brand and to see what’s in the pipeline. The best part is that all the content and the media is written and selected by these guys themselves.

The website was recently redesigned by Bold and we hope it will do justice to the fantastic work that is being produced. Have a look for yourself @

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Hoodforts designs win award

They’ve done it! Participating in the Adobe Youth Voices programme, the team have just won Best Design & Print award at an event held at the BFI.

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Inspiring designs

There was something inspiring about how responsive the gang were in creating their own designs. A great deal of thought and reasoning went into every drawing. The ‘Hoodforts Royal’ design below was one of many designs we watched them create.

This image is to show others that you can be yourself and still achieve a royal status. The maze on the bandana represents ’The Hood’ with many different routes. “You can walk around them and be lost or think you have found the right path but then you come to a wall and have to start all over again.” A view many of the gang found comparable to reaching goals in life.

The main idea for this design is to encourage others to work towards their dreams. “We put the words on clouds as you can relate clouds to when someone has a dream and to also soften the feel of the statement. We hope this is one of those tops that questions the person wearing it and also encourages them to think positively.” HoodForts aims to send many powerful messages to young people starting with this message about positive thinking.

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Where it all started

The Hoodforts project has been driven by young people in Tower Hamlets from the very start. Their ideas, designs and their management has continually pushed the project forward. When Bold Creative climbed on board – we didn’t need to do much work as the drive was already in place, we just had a few tricks to help the guys communicate and promote their work.

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Hoodforts is a brand that

represents hope, aspiration and a

positive future for those that

wear these designs


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