Up north at last!

What a difference a day makes. Was it only yesterday that we were screaming round London trying to get 12 kids on and off public transport in rush hour??? Am I glad that’s behind us.

We jumped ship and grabbed a train up to Leeds, it was Tony’s day to edit so he set up a little studio in seat 45b, occasionally¬†interrupting¬†the quiet of the carriage with shouts of “check your bad self!” – clearly getting excited by the way his film was shaping up.

And then the groups first experience of a real British summer Рmonsoon time in Leeds. Reactions were hilarious, from jaw dropping looks of disgust to bewildered smiles. Noor gets a 10 in my book for his utterly authentic use of luggage Рgood on you! I was smugly dry in my Rab e-Vent waterproof jacket : )

We’re staying in Howarth youth hostel – a fantastic conversion of a period home. The kids are loving it – there’s cows and everything! Check out the expedition website for some behind the scenes footage.

Just managed to get in some shots of Dana as the sun was setting, footage looked great. The Offscreen students are really starting to open up – some of their thoughts and observations are genuinely touching. Makes you look at your own back yard in an entirely different way.

One not so fantastic point – the three of us guys all sharing a room. Tony, sort your snoring out mate!


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A life changing adventure for 12

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