Blood, sweat and tears

Off up the Yorkshire Dales today, a splendid way to spend a Monday afternoon, and not a single odd look from the seasoned locals, even though we had 12 Pakistani young people in tow. Multiculturalism alive and well in the heart of Yorkshire!

It was fair schock for some of these guys, it’s 50 degrees plus back home and a walk generally gets you from the air con home to the air con car to the air con wherever you’re going. I’d fully expected a tantrum or two on the way, but to their credit everyone worked really hard and although we were all knackered by the end, smiles prevailed.

Gratuitous action shot – 100% necessary to get into the river : )

Tony feeling fitter than he’s ever been stops to admire the view with Reem and Jenna.

What a pro – walk bagged, edit started…


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A life changing adventure for 12

young people from the Middle East

to the UK


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