Should business help society?

Ah, they’ll be alright with the camera won’t they? It’s Dana’s turn to be Greg today as we head from the Yorkshire Dales back down into the city – Birmingham this time.

Clearly 3 hours in a minibus is exceptionally arduas and requires a bucketload of sugar and caffeine to get through it. Farhad can’t get enough of the stuff – he’s spent about £100 so far on energy drinks and you can tell, he’s bouncing off the walls! Red Bull…

We’re staying at Woodbrooke Quaker House in Selly Oak. It used to be Cadbury’s home (as in the chocolate) and now serves as a bit of a retreat centre. Tony’s a bit suspicious but it’s got a really calm vibe about it. I’m going to try and drag him along to one of the meditation classes later.

And how does all this relate to business and society? Well, to be honest it’s a been a bit off topic today. We visited a disused building where Abbas, a local architect ran a great workshop that involved making lots of pyramids out of sticks. I think we’re going to be going into it more tomorrow, but I’ll be interested to find out what the young people take away from it. Do they think business can be good? I know that’s our vision for Bold. Film is being cut now – check it out for an answer.


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