What colour is humanity (and little sculptures)

Possibly the smallest sculpture in the whole of Yorkshire – Noor’s brilliant little Pakistani people spreading through the countryside. To put this in context, we had a great day in Yorkshire sculpture park today, working with a local artist to explore some of the permanent work and then making our own.

It’s equally brilliant and hilarious seeing the guys madly snapping at parts of the countryside we all take for granted. This must be what we’re like taking photos of camels in Egypt.

The park was a great spot to answer the question, ‘What colour is humanity?’ Personally I think it’s green but hey, that’s just my opinion. Watch the film to find out what the rest of the guys thought.

“Ah, they’re busy, no one will notice…”

Note to self, don’t fall asleep on the back of the bus, eating ice lollies whilst your camera is out…

Big walk tomorrow across the Yorkshire Dales. Maybe I’ll get to use all this hiking gear I’ve brought with me : )


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Building walls, breaking barriers

How many times have I wanted to do this – dry stone walling! Gutted it’s my day to edit, oh well, looks like the guys had a good time. Jamie had them hard at work and by all accounts they managed to construct a wall that would put any yorkshire man to shame.

Tony’s being doing a sterling job filming and editing. We’re getting to know the kids and they’re loosening up and getting into the spirit more and more.

For some reason, every single one of them keeps taking pictures of the clouds. Apparently, blue sky and sunshine every day can be tedious and they’re absolutely loving our cumulo nimbus.

On to Yorkshire Sculpture Park tomorrow, hope they have some Andy Goldsworthy on show


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Up north at last!

What a difference a day makes. Was it only yesterday that we were screaming round London trying to get 12 kids on and off public transport in rush hour??? Am I glad that’s behind us.

We jumped ship and grabbed a train up to Leeds, it was Tony’s day to edit so he set up a little studio in seat 45b, occasionally interrupting the quiet of the carriage with shouts of “check your bad self!” – clearly getting excited by the way his film was shaping up.

And then the groups first experience of a real British summer – monsoon time in Leeds. Reactions were hilarious, from jaw dropping looks of disgust to bewildered smiles. Noor gets a 10 in my book for his utterly authentic use of luggage – good on you! I was smugly dry in my Rab e-Vent waterproof jacket : )

We’re staying in Howarth youth hostel – a fantastic conversion of a period home. The kids are loving it – there’s cows and everything! Check out the expedition website for some behind the scenes footage.

Just managed to get in some shots of Dana as the sun was setting, footage looked great. The Offscreen students are really starting to open up – some of their thoughts and observations are genuinely touching. Makes you look at your own back yard in an entirely different way.

One not so fantastic point – the three of us guys all sharing a room. Tony, sort your snoring out mate!


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Live from the BBC

Right, first off, I spent all day hunkered in my edit fox hole cutting the previous days filming (check it out at the expedition website) so it’s up to Tony to let you all know how it went at the BBC. This would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that he’s chowing down with the group over lunch whilst I’m sitting in the van outside a Mosque. Oh well, here’s how it went from what I heard from the kids.

First up a visit to Live East Magazine – a great enterprise right here in Whitechappel. By all accounts, a very inspirational morning working with youth journalists and designers.

Then on to the media equivalent of a bright red phone box – the BBC. The team still haven’t stopped raving about it so I’m guessing they enjoyed themselves. They interviewed the editor in charge of middle east content who gave a refreshingly honest account of the way media is portrayed in this country. I think this is what got the guys excited the most – finally someone who was prepared to put his neck on the line and give an honest answer. Good on him.

And to wrap it up on the most British of days – fish and chips! It’s a good job I’ve got a big cycling holiday after this cos I’m coming back a notch or two looser on the old belt…

Right now we’re in Leeds, finally out of London and en-route to the countryside : )


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The most diverse workshop in the world!

Today was a day for Bold to really shine, and boy did they shine bright. The whole team put in a sterling effort and delivered one of the best days so far – the young people from Pakistan loved the workshop (all most as much as Kweku’s outfit!).

Everything ran so smoothly I handed over filming to Sarah from Quatar, now if only we could hand over the editting… : )

Kweku’s workshop from Bold Creative Work-in-Progress on Vimeo.

The young people spent the day out interviewing people all over the east end, challenging them on perceptions of diversity and whether it was a good or bad addition to the UK. Hats off to them, almost everyone they stopped agreed to be interviewed – I think we could all learn a few lessons on successful interview technique!

And then it was the clash of the Titans, as Lindsay (Obi Wan) took on rookie Tony (Anakin) in an epic battle of the edits as they charged their way through two and a half hours madly cutting the films the young people had shot.

The films both looked great and to cap off the day, Tony and I managed to negotiate a shift in schedule – no more all nighters! Wahey : )

BBC tomorrow, then up north, can’t wait


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A life changing adventure for 12

young people from the Middle East

to the UK


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