Do you think before you speak?

Do you think before you speak? What we say out on the Book of Face or in the Tweetosphere is rapidly becoming as impacting (if not more so) as what we say to others in person. Sometimes we even say things on-line we wouldn’t DREAM of saying off-line.

How much information should we be giving away? Religious views? Political alignment? location? mobile phone details?!?

Well the truth is a facebook user aged 60 fills out their profile information very differently to that of 16 year old, so in our latest workshop we explored how Moh (our fictional 16 year old facebook user) would use his ‘BookFace’ profile. Having already established the basic character profile in our previous workshop, the group started to brainstorm information Moh would realistically enter in his info page.

We also started to explore how Moh would talk on his wall, what sort of things he’d be likely to post and how he’d respond to others. With this new input we are starting to shape a very realistic and truthful profile to that of a 16 year old growing up in Redbridge.

The latter part of the workshop looked at generating adverts for the sidebar. The group were well used to being exposed to adverts specifically targetting their age group and had some great ideas for adverts to go on our Bookface site.

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I claim that human mind or human

society is not divided into

watertight compartments called

social, political and religious.

All act and react upon one

another. - Mohandas Gandhi


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