‘Facebook has over 350 million active users. More than 35 million users update their status each day, with more than 55 million status updates each day’

350 million different people each with their own views on politics, religion, sexuality is not to be underestimated. Platforms like Facebook, make socialising a rather inpersonal experience. Internet Users harnessing the power of this new forum have become less than hesitant to express these views. Users can hide behind the fascia of a personal profile and express things they would never dream of in public. It’s great that social networks help with self expression and free speech, but with this comes some risks.

These risks are what we started to explore on our Social Storm project. Concentrating most specifically on religious discussion, we are setting out to create a space for young people to discuss the possible effects of online propaganda and how they can ingest information online without being manipulated.

Social Storm (A.K.A. BookFace!) is an online toolkit being developed in response to the workshops. The toolkit will offer educators a environment familiar to young people that will also enable teachers to engage their students into group discussions where they can investigate the issues surrounding the problem of online propaganda.

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I claim that human mind or human

society is not divided into

watertight compartments called

social, political and religious.

All act and react upon one

another. - Mohandas Gandhi


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