Tagmap at Redbridge

The group get stuck into filming and sharing their views.

One of the guys shares his views on what family means to him….

Redbridge thoughts on family…. from Bold Creative Work-in-Progress on Vimeo.

thoughts on George Bush….. from Bold Creative Work-in-Progress on Vimeo.

….and his thoughts on George Bush

The Young people interviewed each other using the I-Flip cameras and the cards were used to prompt and inform discussions around faith and identity.

Lets focus on the T-shirt Design:

The group came up with ideas for T-shirt design to communicate Islam in a positive way.

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Is Eid An Excuse to Go Clubbing?

Bold Creative led another productive workshop in Luton with a group of girls and boys. These young people spoke their minds on a variety of topics, ranging from arranged marriage to family to video games. The girls especially opened up on their views and opinions on some aspects of the Muslim community and were able to share these with us on camera.

A girl shares with us her thoughts on Eid, a religious holiday, and how its celebrations must go back to its roots. Instead, many young people today take Eid as a chance to “go clubbing or drinking.”


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Discussing Racism Through Raps at Peterborough

Tagmap took a workshop in Peterborough. It was good to meet another group of young people who gave up their own time to do voluntary work, and who’s main focus was studying hard, something they were keen to encourage other youngsters to do!

We ran the session with the guys in the usual way, using the cards to provoke discussion and then filming one another to upload to the Tagmap application.

Instead of talking about their views on the different topics, these guys performed some raps for us, talking about identity, and racism!!

Here two groups of four split of to create a rhyme to express their feelings about racism.

Every Tagmap workshop is different, and it is great to meet young people all over the country trying to make a positive change in their own, and their peers lives! Keep it up!!!

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Do People Discriminate Against the Hijab?

Last Thursday we hopped on the train to Manchester to meet a youth group based in Burnley. It was a small group, of five, that were part of a project they had set up and ran called Youth For Peace.

The guys were really inspiring, and spoke to us about all sorts of issues surrounding living in Burnely and being a Muslim.

They spoke about the conflicts between Pakistani and Bangladeshi youth in Burnley, and how the youth centre they run is helping to bridge the current divide between the two, with the aid of some snazzy technology and positive youth workers including the ones we met!!

When we started using the Tagmap cards to encourage conversation around certain topics the conversations held were fascinating, and the girls and boys spoke openly about the positive and the difficult things about being a Muslim.

These two girls were in sixth form, and it was really interesting to chat about all the teenage worries they have, and hear about how these two young girls are taking a positive active role in their community in Burnley.

This was a really interesting group and they seemed keen to carry on this project which is brilliant!!


Al Isharah Fights For Equal Rights for the Deaf Community

The other day we took our first Tagmap workshop with the Al Isharah deaf group in Tower Hamlets.

Alongside discussion of the usual Tagmap topics surrounding Britishness faith and identity, the group shared experiences of prejudice, similar to the people we have met in other Tagmap workshops.

In addition to this we spoke further about individual challenges they faced as a result of hearing impairment.

Another was outspoken about his failure to get into a university due to criticism of his English, despite other foreign students having less of a grip on English than him.

Here One of the young guys talks expresses his views on Knife crime

The group were one of the most enthusiastic groups we have worked with. They really appreciated the opportunity to express their views in this way, and through doing so help to break the stigma’s that they are hard to communicate with.

Here one of the guys from the group tells a story about how he had been made to feel like a terrorist on the tube, and seen attitudes change as he helped a lady onto the train!

These guys were great, and really inspiring!

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