Is Eid An Excuse to Go Clubbing?

Bold Creative led another productive workshop in Luton with a group of girls and boys. These young people spoke their minds on a variety of topics, ranging from arranged marriage to family to video games. The girls especially opened up on their views and opinions on some aspects of the Muslim community and were able to share these with us on camera.

A girl shares with us her thoughts on Eid, a religious holiday, and how its celebrations must go back to its roots. Instead, many young people today take Eid as a chance to “go clubbing or drinking.”

A girl shares her thoughts on arranged marriages, stating that forced marriages are not acceptable.

A boy shares his thoughts on alcohol use among youth. He suggests that the rules should be stricter when young people attempt to buy alcohol.

A boy shares his thoughts on perceived racism among the police.

In all, it was a good time for all and the videos were uploaded on to Tagmap.

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