Tagmap Champions Given Star Treatment in a Special Photoshoot

In February we did a photo shoot with a selection of young people who we had met at our Tagmap Workshops.

It was a great day and we all had a wicked time dressing up and trying our hand at modelling the different T-shirts designed within the workshops!!

The photographs all came out wicked, and the guys looks great!

Adrian Burke was the photographer, and we reckon he did a great job, click on his name to see his photography website

Ellie Stidolph was the Stylist adding some hoodies and bling, and Gigi Hammond sorted out the Hair and Make-up!

It was a great day, BIG thanks to everyone involved, and to the guys from the workshops for helping to design these wicked T-Shirts and coming down and Modelling!!

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Cadets Can Be a Great Way to Start Your Career

For our latest workshop we headed down the road to Hackney, and met the Hackney Police Cadets.

It was the first Tagmap workshop to be held inside an actual police station, which was a bit different!

We ran the usual format, using the Tagmap cards to provoke discussion, and filming one another with the i-flips to add to tagmap and create a network of young people’s voices.

The police cadets were a diverse mixed gender interfaith group which was interesting, and made a bit of a change.

The group talked a lot about careers and opportunities. They were all proud to be cadets and felt it was a really positive opportunity for them, it would help to secure them a good job in the future, either within the police or not.

Another key issue that arose amongst the cadets was a feeling that within the Hackney area there was a great divide amongst the rich and poor and that in some cases this divide encouraged crime. Knife crime was a topic that was also a big concern amongst them.

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How Does Religion Affect What You Wear?

At the Preston Sahara workshop we met a bunch of friendly girls. We chatted a lot about different things, it was particularly fascinating to get a female perspective on being a Muslim in Britain.

The girls talked about the influence the west and modernisation have on muslims, and the positive and negative impact of this.

Two of the girls had an engaging discussion about homosexuality and Islam, and whether modernisation meant that this should be okay, despite traditional law.

The Sharia law came under hot discussion, talking about whether it would be of benefit in the UK, some girls felt it could be a positive influence, while others strongly rejected the idea.

Three of the girls discuss Religion, Culture and Clothing.

A couple of the girls talk about the Hijab and what it means to them.

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Is Western Society a Threat to Islam?

We recently went to Sparkbrook centre in Birmingham, and met a youth group made up of Muslims lads of a range of ages.

They talked a lot about the dangers of the influences of the west and modernisation on Islam as a faith.

Some of them felt strongly about the negative impact this is having on their religion.

Here one of the young lads talks about the Quran.

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How Does Fashion Define Your Identity?

Tagmap workshops generally take place in youth centres, but this time we took Tagmap to the streets of Birmingham!

We headed to the BullRing Shopping Centre, it was interesting in a different environment, surrounded by festive shoppers.

With the help of a few youth leads, we got talking to a group of friendly youngsters who, using the tagmap cards as a starting point, spoke openly to us about their opinions.

So big thanks to those guys for taking time out from a bit of shopping to talk to us about some serious issues!

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