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Following on from the success of our first graphic novel ‘The Day’, three more books have just landed on our desks. The novels have been written following another series of workshops with people impacted by HIV and AIDS. Based on real-life personal accounts, these stories will be a valuable read for challenging any misperceptions in surrounding HIV.

The Jacket Life Unzipped

Chris’ world felt like it was falling apart, he felt alone and misunderstood. His only protection was his trusty parka, in it he could hide from the world, his friends and himself

Montse’s Diary

Montse’s diary takes us through her emotional journey, through her heartache and pain. But most of all it is a love story, where determination, trust and hope triumph.

This is How We Do It

10 young people share their different thoughts on managing life with medication.

Accessible, insightful and educational, these books tackle many issues relating to young people to today, and this is just the start! We have two more novels in the pipeline, so watch this space for more news. Enjoy.

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Workshop 3: Illustrations

Ben and Will, Bold Creative’s talented illustrators came to the workshop today. They’ve worked their socks off over the last week turning the script into a storyboard for the comic.

It’s important that the young people get a chance to feed into the visuals, and they really didn’t hold back. On the whole, we’re relieved that they like the treatment, but it was great to hear them telling us that we got the hairstyles wrong, or that the trainers were way too old school!

The Day – Illustration from Bold Creative Work-in-Progress on Vimeo.

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Workshop 2: The Script

The Day – Script from Bold Creative Work-in-Progress on Vimeo.

It’s been a real challenge deciding which story to take forwards, they are all so honest, raw and moving. But decide we must and we have chosen Rex’s (not his real name).

It centre’s on his affection for a girl when he was 15, but being in the confusing and frustrating position of not being able to tell her. Does he disclose his status at the start and watch her run a mile, or does he start going out with her then tell her and see how she reacts?

With no one to talk to he turns to his friend and musters the courage to say… “I have been diagnosed with HIV”

Powerful stuff. We’re focusing on the idea of turning the story into a graphic novel so it can be used as a tool to help other young people to experience and learn from Rex’s experience. If you’re a young person and HIV positive there’s a good chance you’re going to have to deal with this at some point in your life, and hopefully this comic will help you prepare for it.

We took Rex’s interview and turned it into a script and got the group to read it through together like a play. It was mostly there but everyone had their own bits to contribute.

Hopefully we’re almost there as time is short and we need to start drawing!

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The Day on Issuu

We just uploaded The Day to Issuu. Click here to see it in all its glory!

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The Launch!

The Day – The Book from Bold Creative Work-in-Progress on Vimeo.

There were time we didn’t think it would be possible, but we did it! ‘The Day… I Told My Best Mate’ was launched at Body and Soul to great fanfare.

Government officials, teachers, civil servants, health professionals and young people all rubbed shoulders as they clamoured to get a copy of the the book.

The response was overwhelming and a massive appreciation for all the hard work that the whole team put in.

We have massive ambitions for the project – we won’t be happy till we get the funding to turn this prototype into a full blown experience. There are so many stories here at Body and Soul that could help young people round the country and we’re not going to rest till we find a way to get them out there.

More comics, graphic novels, websites and animation series are all in the offereing. It’s an opportunity to be part of something amazing. We’re already talking to funders – if you want to get in on the action get in touch with Martin at Bold Creative.

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The Day… I Told My Best Mate

Fresh off from the printers, the final version has arrived!

It looks great, and really reflects the gargantuan effort the whole team has put in to turn this around in just two weeks – well done!

Click here to download a PDF version.

Right, now to secure the funding to make it bigger and better…

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Workshop 1: Stories

The thing that strikes you most about the young people here at Body and Soul is the confidence they have to tell their stories within this safe space. And boy do they have some stories.. It’s truly humbling to hear them speak about the issues they have had to deal with growing up affected by HIV.

So, stories are where we shall begin. We workshoped appropriate, challenging questions that would get under the skin of the issues and set them off with small video cameras to interview each other.

The group really took to it, describing key points in their lives that have been affected by their condition. The content they have produced, though normal to them, is so rich it’s exciting to see the possibilities of where the project could go.

The Day – The Story from Bold Creative Work-in-Progress on Vimeo.

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Project Kick Off

And we’re off… Welcome to the blog for our ground preaking project that will help young people understand and deal with HIV.

Bold Creative have been invited by top research agency OPM to work with Body and Soul over the next few weeks to create a product that communicates some of the really tough issues young people with HIV face gorwing up in the UK.

We’re really excited to be working with Body and Soul – the energy you get from their sessions is amazing. We’ll be posting our progress here so watch this space to see what we come up with.

To get us started, some of the group interviewed each other about the project and explain why they don’t want to be identified on this blog…

The Day – Body and Soul from Bold Creative Work-in-Progress on Vimeo.

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